Our Story

First Team Athletic Apparel was started by Barry and Mark in 1996. Their goal was to design a line of apparel that rivaled Nike, Reebok and Addidas. The first piece of the puzzle was to come up with a name that anyone remotely involved in sports would relate to. First Team was a no brainer! If you play any sport, you want to be a starter. All starters are on the First Team!

The logo took a little more work. Barry and Mark wanted to create a trademark that would be on the same level of its competitors. After weeks of combining shapes and symbols, the First Team Athletic Apparel logo was born.

The team took the company on the road to the SGMA Super Show in Atlanta, Georgia in January of ’96. Along with them they took a host of professional athletes to promote the line.

  • Eric Moulds
    WR Buffalo Bills
  • James Williams
    LB SF 49ers
  • Eric Gulliford
    WR N.O. Saints
  • Andre Hastings
    WR N.O. Saints

The response was amazing. Collecting over 42 cards from buyers like Foot Locker, Champs, Oschmans, etc., we even caught the attention of a new start up company from Maryland. They were impressed with the athletes we had and asked if they could produce our clothing for us. We chose not to…that company is known today as Under Armour.

First Team never could get the right investors in line to complete the product line, so Barry and Mark shelved this sleeping giant until 2010. It’s time for First Team to claim the spot that was rightfully theirs over 10 years ago.

Be a part of the “For ATHLETES by ATHLETES.” movement!


About the Line


First Team Athletic Apparel is a line of sportswear consisting of workout wear for men and women, aerobic gear, casual sportswear, pro performance gear, sports watches, headwear, socks, t-shirts, and footwear.

First Team only uses the highest quality fabrics and manufacturers to position their product alongside the top sportswear companies out today. From cotton, dry fit, mesh, performance spandex, nylon and polyesters… First Team will have it all.

The base line consists of a number of items, including First Team’s first stop watch. Sweat suits, shorts, sports bras, hats, t shirts, performance spandex, yoga pants and socks will also be available. Every item will have several color options. The logo will be applied in many applications ranging from embroidery, screen print, heat transfers, and rubber stamps. First Team Athletic Apparel is locked in on one goal: To Be The Future Of Sportswear!

Our Mission and Goal

Our mission is to use the athletic ties we have and make First Team the next sports apparel giant. Our goal is to flood the market with the highest quality sportswear that a customer can wear to the gym as well as to the mall. Functional sportswear is the key to our success and we will cut no corners in our effort to deliver that to our customers.

Who We Are

Teaming Up

Mark and Barry met at the local health club where Barry was a trainer. The two hit it off and the rest is history in the making! Two optimistic guy’s that love sports and have the connections, knowledge and creativity to be successful.

That’s more than anyone can ask for on one team!



Barry G. Smith

Barry is a New Orleans native that grew up surrounded by sports and recreation. All his life has been involved in sports. Having played football and track & field, sports was a year round activity for him. Attending Xavier University after his athletic career was over; Barry became a personal trainer at a local health club. From that, he interned with one of the top sports performance trainers in the country and started his own company called FUEL Sports Performance. Training everything from high school to professional athletes, Barry decided to partner up with his good friend Mark of his to develop a line of sportswear.

Mark A. Provost

Being a native of Franklin, LA., baseball was the sport of sports for Mark. Playing from the ripe age of 6 years old, Mark continued his baseball career through college. Playing baseball at Mississippi Valley State, Mark earned a degree in Education. That degree is what brought Mark to New Orleans where he managed one of the largerst printing companies in the southeast.